my doctor

Never have I been accustomed to hearing that phrase, letting alone saying it. “My doctor.”  It just sounds way too possessive.  Like the doctor is the personal doctor of whoever is saying “my doctor.”  I’ve tried to stop myself, but every time I hear someone saying “my doctor”, I think, “so he’s your personal doctor? He’s your’s?”  It just sounds too weird.

It’s normal to refer to some people as possessive.  My father, my sister, my cousin, etc.  But in those cases it really is possessive.  If it’s a blood relation, even if it’s in-law, it’s logical to connect family with “my.”

As well, there are people we are involved with more frequently, say during a course, as in my teacher, my pupil, or even my boss.  Those are people connected to us on a frequent basis, really part of our lives for a certain period.  It makes sense, given the frequency of the connection, that we would use “my” to refer to that connection.

But “my doctor?”  Doctors, after all, heal sickness.  And maybe it’s driven by the commercials.  There is an overdose of commercials spewing mega marketing about all types of pharmaceuticals that might be good for us, which in itself is a type of societal sickness.  But they all tell us to “see our doctor.”  Like we should all maintain possessive connections with a sickness-healing guru.

I could never say “my doctor.”  Besides not having frequented one often enough to call one my own, even if I did, I don’t think I’d want to admit that he or she was mine.  Even the dentist, whom I’ve seen regularly twice a hear for several years.  Never would I refer to her as “my dentist.”  She is, the dentist that I go to.  She’s not mine.  And I don’t go to her often enough that there is a connection that warrants me calling her my…

Some things are just not meant to be so personal.  The bank that I go to isn’t “my bank.”  But I guess that so many feel good personalizing people and things.  The other day when I was in the airport, at the adjacent gate I heard the announcer call out those seated in “my first and business class cabins.”  Maybe she just wanted to get attention.  It certainly got mine. My attention was to the weirdness of how that sounded. (The airline was not one where the employees are part owners).

Even hearing people talk about their food as possessive is weird.  Not “I’m going to eat breakfast,” but “I’m going to eat my breakfast.”  Why the my? “My sandwich.”  It’s my, my, mine.

Well, oh my god, this is certainly an interesting topic.  Not.

I just hope I can recuperate enough that I won’t need to see a medic, or a specialist, often enough to want to call one or more my own.

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