double blind

Next week, I’ve been invited to participate in a one week double blind test that may help eliminate head nerve pain. They’ve been conducting the test for a couple of years and it has been showing positive results. Though the tests have been ongoing, still the population of participants is not great enough for conclusive evidence.

All I’ve got to do is submit to having electrodes taped to my head for 20 minutes. Then they run battery stimulated currents through them. So far, there’s been no negative side effects. Only positive.

I’ve had to keep a simple diary this week and next as well. Not a tough investment. I’m secretly hoping that it will help get rid of the ringing. At times it feels like there is a xylophone in my head. And the bonur is that they will pay me 40 bucks a day. That’s 200 smackers for the week. That’ll keep my 3G service going for a few more months so I can continue this blog. And if I find out after that I was unlucky enough to have received the placebo, then I’m allowed to return anytime within six months for the real version without cost. Not a bad deal, if it shows results. At this point, as delicate as the head is, I’ll try almost anything.

On the nugget front, I’m happy to report that in the last couple of days, I’ve been able to chew some soft foods, well watered down with an appropriate wetting agent. For example, last night I cut up some sautéed broccoli into very small bits and then dipped them into broth soup to help it go down. This morning, some coffee cake sufficiently dunked in coffee. It’s not much, but it is headway. I’m attributing that to the ulcer that seems to have gotten better from GV’s consistent footwork.

As I write this sitting along the Hudson River as we picnic at the Chelsea pier park, I’m watching a father and his little son kick a ball to each other. The son can’t be older than three years old. The next kick by the father goes wild into the bushes and the father says to the son, “you know why that happened? Because you weren’t paying attention.” Now that I’d call double blind.

7 thoughts on “double blind

  1. paul

    given the extensive amount of rad./chem./surgery you have been exposed to, it must be tough to experience the recovery process,

    the electrodes are interesting,

    years ago when I worked in a hospital, there was a patient that used a “tends” unit (I believe that is what they called it), it was for severe back pain; there were electrodes hooked up to parts of the back, hooked up to batteries that sent electrical impulses to the muscles to relieve back pain. sounds like what you are talking about is perhaps similar – the electrical impulses affecting the muscles and nerves in hopes of alleviating pain.

    At the hospital that I worked, of which was a Psych hospital, I also observed them perform ECT (or ETC), electric shock therapy for treatemnt of depression, although the side affects was short term memory loss and perhaps that is why it worked- it helped the patients forget there problems. So if you would like to forget about the pain – just ask them to turn up the voltyage, you may be pain free but also forget why you went into their office to begin.

    on a serious note. should you try this protocol- I hope that is works well for you.

    think of you often.


  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: So you are actually invited into a double blind, cross-over; the soccer move might have been a cross-over move by an inept adult attempting to belittle an innocent child, but it certainly was not blinded–except to the extent the father is inept, insensitive, and disconnected. Fred, you are a warrior who provides us with renewed strength given your unwillingness to take “no” for an answer and because when others would have given up you have doubled-down. I remain in awe of you and of Gladys, swjr

    1. rel43

      Bring on the nuggets! Great to hear SOMETHING is going better for you. I can imagine how nice it must feel to change the diet up from pure baby food to something w/a little mouth feel.

      You are the perfect candidate for the double blind, Fred. Your journal entries will blow them away.

      Stryker got it right w/the dad—pinning his lame dribbling (that impresses no one) on the kid. Feel sorry for the tike as there is nothing worse than over-zealous dads living vicariously through their sons’ athletic achievements…FAIL!

      Please keep us posted, Fred.


  3. Mother

    Here that mother goes again. Steve does not have cancer anymore in all probability.
    However, he is recovering slowing from what will someday be called barbaric treatment.
    So……………. there is not more Freddie. Steve is back. Steve is back. Well shoot me down and call me mother but that is what I think.


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