shaving again

My legs,…that is. Been shaving them for years. Stopped for a while, guess because I have not been cycling. But since I finally got out on the road last weekend, the desire returned to clean off the hair. Not that I have anything against hairy legs. Just think that humans look a lot better without hair on the legs (and other parts). There is nothing attractive about hairy legs, on either gender. Some guys say that they like it because it’s natural, but they shave their face and cut their head hair. There is no difference. Being clean, hygienic and attractive is not limited to above the neck.

Lots of cyclist shave their legs. But apart from racers, it’s purely cosmetic. The only reason a racer might shave is to prevent hair from being cleaned out of road rash if (when) they end up splayed out on the road. It has zero to do with wind resistance. Cleaned, defined legs just look much better. We get our head hair regularly cut for the same reason.

The point is, getting back into a cadence was refreshing. Although, it certainly was a challenge hydrating with such a dry mouth. Also, stretching the head up from the bent over position was a good neck workout and challenge. It’s almost like starting over. Last Sunday went for a 35 mile ride and that was sufficient. Poco a poco.

Yesterday, took a couple of Colombian friends on a small bike tour around lower manhattan and over a couple of Brooklyn bridges. What a nice way to visit New York and see sights that would otherwise not be possible. We ended up at the barge on the Hudson for lunch. I was satisfied with a bucket of steamed mussels, which were easy to slide down.

Had an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday. Has been a couple of months since I’ve seen him so he needed to check his handiwork. The long neck scar is obviously blocking the lymphatic drainage on the left side causing the swelling. It will be a while, he says, for the drainage to find new pathways. Then he looks in my mouth and sees fungus on my tongue. The lack of saliva means that I’m lacking sufficient good bacteria that kills crap that shouldn’t be there. He gives me a swish and swallow prescription to use four times day for the next two weeks.

The tongue is still swollen, towards the back and also on the left side. Chewing and swallowing is still not easy. Can’t wait for that to resolve itself. Until then, still focusing on little positive nuggets like having a reason (however egotistical or vain) to shave again.

6 thoughts on “shaving again

  1. Lynda Doane

    I do not think Scottie could catch Steve to ever “beam him up” !!! Steve your amazing and Love You !!!

  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: Congrats on time in the saddle; be careful reaquainting your legs with blades; and, is there a market for an Aqua Velva for extremedies? Best, swjr

  3. rel43

    Fred, glad to hear your on the bike and I fully support promote your message:


  4. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: Hope you are clocking saddle mileage around the City and finding new/old foods that appeal and that you can consume comfortably. You are the Warrior.


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