I swear I’m telling the pain truth

Finished up this week with the brain therapy study.  They came to me in April, when my head pain was severe and asked if I’d be willing to take part of a unique study.  They’d pay me $40 per day for five days.  Only a 30 minute investment each day with small electrodes hooked up to the head.  No downside — except for the time.  Only upside potential.  This was the double blind I study I had referred to in prior posts.

Then in May, the head pain substantially subsided on its own.  But it was the searing head pain that was debilitating.  Because this pain went away (I had to tell them the truth), the doctor told me I couldn’t take part in the study as the pain level had to be a four or greater, (scale of 1-10).  I said, “what about the ringing doc (they call it tinnitus).”  He said I could take the therapy, but outside the test and that it would cost me $1,000 for the same five day sessions.  To which I said, “look doc, let me be pain truthful.  I was referring to the searing pain that had lessened.  There are other pains.  The head ringing is painful.  I’ve got a horn section playing 24 hours a day and that pain level is around seven.”

The long and short, they invited me back into the study as a participant.  As part of the study, it was incumbent on me to be truthful about different levels of pains.  For two weeks I had to rate a variety of pain factors from a questionnaire.  Luckily I didn’t need to rationalize the truth.

The truth was easy.  Like, the truth should be easy.  But many times the truth is hard, even painful.  Just look at many politicians who have trouble controlling themselves — sexually.  Guess it’s like what the Indian philosopher Osho says in the book From Sex to Superconsciousness.  He says that over the centuries the human race has gotten sick — wasting the powerful energy of sex by making it taboo.  The fact that we cover up our “private” parts, or that there are even private parts is not natural.  He says we are basically not comfortable with our nudity.  We’ve closed the powerful sex door and can’t open the door to superconsciousness.   The fact that fathers and mothers don’t discuss their sexual experiences with their sons and daughters is an example of how we keep the door closed.  Uncomfortable discussions that we’d prefer not be open.

(whoa señor spaghetti, we are getting way off course.  what’s sex have to do with pain truth?  let it go freddie).

OK, then there are the sporting heros who tell pain truth because they’ve been pumped up with forbidden hormones.  Track and field, baseball, cycling — the sports field is loaded with truth pain.  Those who don’t tell the truth, or can’t bring themselves to tell the truth, until they do, painfully.  (come on Lance, don’t keep the truth pain inside).

Any public figure who can’t tell us the truth, until it’s painfully obvious what the truth is, needs some form of brain therapy.  That may hold true for non-public figures.

Where am I going?  Nowhere.  Except that the pain study was easy truth.  No truth pain, only pain truth.  Anyway, I think I had the placebo because the horn section has been replaced by a field of chirping crickets.  But I passed Go.  And collected $200.

2 thoughts on “I swear I’m telling the pain truth

  1. Mother

    Congratulations on being $200 richer (ho! ho!) About this truth thing. My measure of arriving at Eternity’s entrance is that all truth will be revealed to all. Since we are mere earthlings, I can only wish you God’s speed
    speed in healing. Love, Mom

  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: In double blind studies they frequently “cross the arms” so that if they un-blind and you were the placebo arm you can cross over to the “active” arm. Please ask them about that, as you have already met the “inclusion criteria” and accruing patients is Job-#1 for the principal investigator(s)–and tell them you’ll return your $200 stipend if they hurry. Just a thought. (And tell them if they cannot stop it [the horn section], can they help change artists from Herb Alpert and the TJ Brass to Chuck Mangione or a string quartet.) Best, swjr


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