boundry bustin

Not hours after the post yesterday about speaking pain truth, I received an individual chirp from one of those grasshoppers who “kind of” scolded me about the need to keep my writing “in bounds” for “civilized norms.”  I’m only guessing that the reference was to the paragraph about sex.  What else could it be?  It’s the one topic that makes so many people downright uncomfortable.

For those who did think it was out of bounds, perhaps reading some of Osho, or J. Krishnamurti, might help to expand those boundaries.

It doesn’t’ matter how much we think we know or how pious, intelligent, or righteous we think we are, as humans, we will all do better with a little boundary stretching.

For the record, Osho was saying that we can’t transcend sex until we are comfortable (taking) about it.  He says that because each of us is born from sex, it is our life source and not something that should ever become obscene, pornographic or repressed.  Only when we are comfortable and respect sex, can we transcend it where that powerful energy can be converted to attain “superconsciousness.”

For those who didn’t think the post yesterday was out of bounds, thanks for taking it in the light and entertaining way it was meant.  And more than that, thanks for continuing to read the posts.  Although I have no doubt that I’ll never reach any stage of superconsciousness in my lifetime, I remain a proponent of boundary bustin.

3 thoughts on “boundry bustin

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    Rebellious Fred: Please continue to ignore the lines and play well outside them. Thought provoking, entertaining and a reason to check back; I trust it was the first of several installments. Consider a syndicated column. There’s a world out there deserving of your refreshing perspective. Best, swjr


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