traveling mumbo jumbo

The last time I wrote a post in an airplane, the excitement was so much that I puked upon landing.  That was back in April.  Flew on the morning of my birthday and spent the rest of the day horizontal.  Although what may have happened was that the radiation rebound hit me hard combined with a mixture of pain meds and altitude.  Then again, it could have been a 24-hour bug, because that’s just about how long (the upsidedown stomach) lasted.

There was only one other time I was sick on an airplane.  Back in the later 80’s, I flew to Paris for a few days, met my friend Marc and his then girlfriend while the French Open was going on.  On a side note, I met one of the U.S. pro tennis players on the way over and he gave me the number where he was staying in Paris in the event he could get me tickets.  One evening (must have been late & after some good french wine), Marc and his girl, being huge tennis fans and hearing about the tennis pro connection, wondered if we could get tickets to the Open.  So I whip out the number, call mr. tennis, only to wake him up from a dead sleep.  He told me he had a match the next morning and was not so elated that he was disturbed at that late hour.  He lost the match that next morning.  (Guess that taught him to offer tickets to strangers).

Anyway, on the return flight from Paris to Atlanta, a warm feeling came over me while I was eating the wonderful chicken lunch.  In a relatively quick span, like about 10 minutes, I went sweaty, dizzy and very sick.  I could not even walk off the plane — had to be wheel-chaired out of the airport.  A friend in Atlanta had a big night out planned for us.  I had to bow out.  Never before had I been laid out so hard and so quick.

Anyway, as I write this I’m taking the longest flight I’ve ever taken, in economy class.  Not to sound like a pompous ass, but it’s a real benefit working for a large company and flying around the globe in business class.  When you are on your own, the travel budget is much more meaningful.

The flight is not that long by long standards.  Only 14+ hours, JFK to Dubai.  Emirates has two direct flights daily.  Their large aircraft seem to stay full.  If one must fly economy, Emirates Airlines is not a bad way to go — leg room roomier (than most), 100+ movies on the large individual screen, the ratio of lavatories to people significantly better than the normal 1:72, and they even give out a little sock/eyeshade/toothbrush kits.

Don’t get me wrong, the space is still tight and it’s no picnic, but the choice of entertainment is incredible.  Besides all the movies, there is an enormous amount of tv shows, games, and who knows what.  The woman next to me is watching cartoons.  Maybe she is in the movie business.

Several years ago I flew to Mexico twice per month out of New York for two years via Aero Mexico.  On the return flight, which landed in the evening, they would always play cartoon movies on the one and only screen they had for the entire cabin.  There were almost never children on the flight, mostly business people.  And Aero Mexico is playing cartoons?  Maybe that’s why the country is doing so well.  Or maybe they wanted the joke to be on us gringos.

After I land in Dubai Sunday morning, already a working day, I’ll be shuttled to a factory where I’ll spend a relaxing day and then leave that same evening (tonight?) for another 7 hour red-eye flight, another day waiting, then yet another shorter flight, followed by a long car ride a border crossing.  Such is the life of searching for the right place to do business.  Nothing ventured,…..

But this is just an extra post.  My intention was to limit these rambling thoughts to weekly.  Otherwise, I could quite possibly run out of things to say.  Or worse, bore the precious few readers of said ramblings into other parts of the blogosphere. It’s all just mumbo jumbo anyhow.

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