not so common sense

We all come prebuilt with a certain capacity for common sense, which we learn along the way. A good chunk of common sense keeps us alive most of the time, our innate sense of survival for example. We won’t walk out into oncoming car traffic or show up to a job interview in a bathing suit (except if job is lifeguard). Those may be silly or extreme examples, but most of us know what common sense is all about.

Then there are those who have sense that is not so common. Sense which takes more thought. Take for example my niece, M. A few days ago, as I’m complaining about the choaker-chain-collar feeling around my neck, she recommended what she said were “common sense” suggestions. But they are not so common. Her recommendation of stretching not just periodically, but hourly, was bold and makes a lot of sense. Actually, the lymphodema therapist I was using recommended the same, but only after a few sessions with her. M made that suggestion not as a specialist, but as someone investing thought and making not so common sense.

That suggestion, along with her recommendations of hydration and constant downward message, is an example of highly intelligent uncommon sense. One of the benefits of this blog has been receiving excellent, not-so-common sense suggestions such as these. Thanks M, and others, who have made practical common and not so common sense comments. Now, if anyone has any recommendations for the loud ringing in my head,”……(besides being in other noise).

2 thoughts on “not so common sense

  1. Mother

    What a propitious answer on your Blog to M. This is a big week-end for her. Perfect timing for a compliment well deserved..


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