just sayin

A few members of my family have used this phrase in inter-family emails from time to time.  It’s a cute way to end a thought or a comment.  From where the expression came, I’ve not paid attention, but it’s valid.  It must mean something like: I’m making an idle comment about so and so, throwing so and so thought out there, don’t know if it’s right or wrong, just letting words roll off my tongue and through my lips,…I’m just sayin…

Not wanting to overdue the China theme, and in the interest of just sayin, it really is amazing what this country is doing.  In most cities they are building, building and building.  Major investment in railways, roadways and bikeways.  There is so much space that every wide road is accompanied by large bike lanes on either side of the road.  The bike lanes are double direction.  And they are planting lots of trees (among lots of other things), trying to get just a slightly bit greener.

All this building and investment is funded, in part, by the billions of dollars we (Americans) pay them in interest.  Not a bad deal (for them).  The world needs the U.S. to stay in debt.  Worse, they’d really like us to increase our debt.  The world needs U.S. consumers to continue buying what we can’t afford.  At some point, another jumbo economy will take over that role.  Until then, we need to keep borrowing (extending credit, growing government, increasing entitlements?).  Just sayin that our interest payments are helping to fuel Chinese growth.  It’s helping to make people here who were poor, rich.

One interesting observation is that there are (relatively) few to no churches or temples.  As a generalization, the people here don’t believe in religion.  Or in a god.  They do believe in money, which is what makes them so efficient and industrious.

In SE Asia it’s temples, in the Middle East it’s mosques, in Europe and S.A, it’s churches everywhere — in the most important plaza in town.  In the U.S. it’s all of the above.

Not sayin whether it’s right or wrong, but there may be something to be said for not having a religion.  Religions can be a good thing no doubt.  And it seems that most people need to be apart of a belief system, to be able to pray together.  But believing one religion is the right while another is not is a myopic view.

Two people of the same culture, same language, the same family regularly misinterpret each other.  How can words/books passed down over thousands of years in dozens of versions/languages/cultures not have been misinterpreted?  It’s quite impossible.  Either they are all right or they’re all…not right.

Anyway, I’d better cut the post here so as not to create angst with any fervent believers.  Just sayin that it’s interesting in a culture of 1.3 billion, which is 20% of the world’s population, that most don’t possess the need to do the religious thing that has split up so much of the world for so long.

Right now I’d join any religion that would help me get rid of this hideous swollen throat and neck.  The good people at Beth Israel did a great job of getting rid of señor tumor, but they neglected to mention that I might have this frigged up neck to deal with.  Anyway,…..I’m just flappin my digital lips.

2 thoughts on “just sayin

  1. Mother

    “Believing or not believing: it is a choice. For me I cannot look at the Hubble photos and not be awed. …..just sayin

  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: All I can say after the past week is that I love your travelogue and admire your remarkable stamina. U R the Warrior. Love ya mon, swjr


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