if you care about me, keep me clean

don't dirty me if you love me

At least that’s what whoever wrote the sign means.  Someone else might translate the saying as ‘if you love me, don’t dirty me.’   Either way, not a bad notion to keep in the frontal lobe about anyone or thing that we care about.  Keep it clean.

And that was the excuse I rationalized about taking five days off  in sand and beach. It seemed to be just what the doctor ordered, as they say.  The thought was that maybe some forced swimming would stretch the neck and start the draining (cleaning) process in the bunked up neck lymph system.  I swear the throat feels a tad bit less swollen.

While I should have been plugging away at catching up on lost productive time from the past year, I did what I promised with a (short) disconnect where there was little need for a shirt and none whatsoever for shoes and socks.  Guess that will have to tide me for a good while.  Now it’s got to be back to heavy plugging away.  But this is duplicate information for those who follow my bro on twitter.

Stay tuned for another quick post (trying for tomorrow).

4 thoughts on “if you care about me, keep me clean

  1. Mother

    Thanks, Steve, for I am not part of these other cyber worlds. A note: when attempting to drain the lymph system, I was told by someone who studied the subject in Austria, that the collar bone
    should be gently massaged first to open that system for the head and neck to drain. Actually, the patter of the shower on the lymph system which is so near the surface, is a good way to execute this massage if you can manage to let the shower fall on that area before showering the head.
    I am not saying this takes the place of a professional trained in lymph massage but it might help.


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