speaking of,….

Speaking of keeping it clear, before I left from NYC, I felt something funny in my outside lower left molar.  So went for a follow up appointment with the oncologist dentist, the one who made the mouth guards for radiation.  He took a full panoramic X-ray and said everything looked fine — and that what I was feeling was probably receding gums.

I promptly sent the X-rays to the dentists in Colombia (where I was headed next day) and they detected something abnormal.  Sure enough, the last molar was infected.  So two days ago, had a root canal done and it’s sure a good thing that I did that while I could.  At $300 a root canal here is about 1/8th the cost of same in New York.  And, much better done.  From the oral scat scan I had done here, they also detected an infection brewing under my front cap — another root canal requirement (it will need to wait though).

These two dentists I’ve been going to here (one specializes in more surgical procedures) define professionalism.  They understand the importance of ‘keeping it clean’ especially in my case where I can ill afford an extraction. They are both young, teach at medical universities and practice what they preach and they are excellent.

Speaking of excellence, it’s been excellent to have all of you reading the garble I’ve been writing during the past year.  Really and truly thanks.  I know who some of you are, but not all.  And it doesn’t matter, but it is appreciated by the writer.  It’s been an excellent experience.

Speaking of which, there have been a few comments about writing, putting this together for a book, blah yadda blah.  Thanks also for those comments.  But I really have no visions about such a project or delusions being a writer.  This was and is only intended to be a kind of running diary of the cancer treatment and recovery process.  It’s all clean and editor free.  Just notes from a spaghetti brain.

Speaking of,….the name of the blog will be changing in about one week, let’s call it August 15.  Getting rid of the tired throatcancer2010 title.  That’s dead.  All the posts will remain and the blog will continue under the name of “whole wheat spaghetti.”   The address should then be: http://www.wholewheatspaghetti.com.  The blog will continue to be a running diary with continued spaghetti thoughts.  And as always, all comments will be most welcome.

And speaking of spaghetti blogs, don’t forget to comment on P’s team spaghetti blog.  He has, and I’m sure he will have more, some of the finer (and even less fine) ideas for preparation for the year leading up to a double century epic.  And all of you reading this are most welcome.

1 thought on “speaking of,….

  1. Susan Forney

    Freddie: The new name is great. Would love to make an appointment with your
    Colombian DDS ;). Hope you’re able to squeeze in more swim time for yourself.
    Definitely looking forward to the “Team Spaghetti Epic!”
    Happy trails and lots of love,


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