lIfe style adjustment(s)

It’s just an adjustment.  Wholewheat Spaghetti.  An adjustment in name change only.  After all, we make adjustments as we move along, right?  What was right last year may not be right this year.  As far as titles go, cancer was so last year.

The new web address and title is:  It’s currently linked to the old url, but I’ll be eliminating that next week, FYI.

And I can’t change my name.  I guess I could, but hey, I’m a Spaghetti.  Even though bleached white processed is preferred by most, wholewheat spaghetti contains fiber and other essential elements.  And as much as I’m technically processed and bleached to some degree (& enhanced?), there is still enough graininess where I could be classified, by those with liberal codification ethics, as wholewheat.  Hence, another reason for the adjustment.

The last time I met the surgeon in July, I was explaining how I couldn’t eat like I could before, especially certain types of foods like sandwiches.  He simply said that I’d have to make “some adjustments.”   Then it sinks in.  We’re talking about lifestyle adjustments.  This is more permanent than I had anticipated.  Given that I can’t even consider eating a piece of bread, that’s an LS adjustment for sure.

But that, I guess, is what life style is all about.  Every so often adjusting the style to fit life.  Making certain semi-permanent adjustments from time to time.

When I look back at how I ended up with throat cancer, I can see how it may have been lifestyle related.  It wasn’t something caused by a day style, or a week style, or even a month or year style.

So making the small adjustment of not eating bread which is not sopping wet is a small lifestyle adjustment.  After all, what and how we eat of an integral part of our lifestyle.

Many of us try temporary adjustments, could be diets, exercise routines, how we work or think, that end up being week or month styles.  The adjustments really never take hold and become part of our lifestyle.  They never become even semi-permanent.

What I went through during the past year I’d not wish on anyone.  It was quite tough for a while and only meant temporary adjustments.  But wholewheat spaghetti is extremely grateful that only small adjustments were/are necessary.  In the grand scheme, these adjustment are nothing like those who’ve gone through, and those who will go through, larger involuntary lifestyle adjustments.

Without making light of the subject, perhaps making smaller voluntary lifestyle adjustments is smarter than dealing with larger, more jolting involuntary adjustments later.  And without sounding too corny, the advantage to being a thinking human is that we can all make those decisions, at any time, regarding lifestyle adjustments that we think would improve our quality of life (style).

3 thoughts on “lIfe style adjustment(s)

  1. Anonymous

    Fred: Congratulations on the launch of the highly-anticipated new site. A new day, a new year, a new outlook or “new site”. It shall be interesting continuing to follow your travels, your philosophical dissertations and–of course–your commentary on our health care system’s inadequacies. Also delighted to see the promotion of the ride to celebrate your health and your favorite form of exercise. And despite the Spaghetti profile: “A healthy (or so he thought), fit, passionately active dude discovers he has throat cancer. He maneuvers into a (slightly) new reality. This is his tiny story.” I say it’s a big story and you are the Warrior. Thanks for my new subscription to Wholewheat, swjr

  2. Meredith

    I dig the subtitle: grainy thoughts from the throat. 🙂 The new name is refreshing mr. Spaghetti. love you!

  3. mosswood

    Hey! Spaghetti–You have taught ,entertained, and shared many thoughts and actions.
    Inner style trumps all. Thanks. mosswood


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