It’s the weirdest thing. I bought a half dozen metro tickets (single use) for the Medellin metro. I usually keep that many in my wallet when I’m here. It’s best to buy them at off peak hours and at non-popular stations. Otherwise, there is always a long wait to buy the tickets. There are no ticket vending machines. You must buy them at the ticket window. Some stations at peak times have ticket purchasing lines equivalent to those at a popular rock concert.

So I purchase the six tickets and use one of them in the turnstile. The balance go in my pocket. On the return trip two hours later, none of my tickets work. Somehow, they got de-magnetized. I had to exchange them to a disbelieving agent. The same thing happened again later that day. And then again the next day. Each time I had to exchange the tickets I had on my person for more than one hour.

What happened? I don’t have anything in my pocket or my wallet that demagnetized the strips. It’s the same pocket and wallet that I used dozens of times before without any problem. Except that this time it’s post radiation therapy. I’m still emitting radiation.

Anyone who watched 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago saw a segment about the New York police and the radiation detectors they use patrolling the waterways. The detectors are so sensitive, that one of the problems is they can detect medical radiation, even at a distance. The problem is usually with smaller private vessels when someone onboard has recently had medical radiation. It sets off the detectors so they stop the boat.

Last year at this time I was being zapped every day. In fact, right about now one year ago I was in the middle of the seven week daily treatment. Then I received another two days of local radiation this past February. I’m full of radio isotopes.

The good thing is, they appear to have killed the cancer cells (along with some other stuff in its way). It also appears that the radiation is somehow demagnetizing the medellin metro strips. What else would explain the weird phenomenon? None of the ticket booth vendors seem to have run across this before.

Only time will get ride of the radiation. The radio active atoms live in what science calls half-life. Supposedly medical radiation stays in the system about six years — going through a half-life every six months. It must be hard for medical doctors to estimate, for those that have an incurable cancer, what that person’s half-life might be. In other words, cancer gets out of control and it turns our life schedule into a half-life schedule.

We all go through various “de-somethings.” At the airport in Houston the other day, out of the gate there was a sign for “defibrillation.” A special room just for those that need to be defibrillated. We “defragment” our computers from time to time (which is computerese for “organize files”). And of course we are always looking for ways to “detoxify” our bodies. It’s all a natural cycle. We accumulate stuff, then we need to cycle through a de-stuff phase.

I’m just thankful that I’m able to take the medellin metro, with or without demagnetized turnstile tickets. And further thankful that it’s only the radio isotope atoms that are living the half-life schedule.

4 thoughts on “half-life

    1. Freddie Spaghetti Post author

      correct, the Di2 gruppo not working, given I don’t have one. was attracted to chicago’s own sram years ago. so still peddling with a couple of mixed sram components. last time I checked, they were still working & full of life.

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Fred,
    Long time. Are you sure you didn’t put the tix in the same pocket as your cell phone?
    Good to read you again.

    1. Freddie Spaghetti Post author

      Hey there anonymous, glad to have your response. good idea, but don’t keep cell phone in pocket, especially the one with the wallet (tix) — which is always in my front pocket.


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