random cycle maintenance thoughts

We live in a cyclical world.  It’s a good thing and it’s our reality.  Not referring to the two-wheeled type, but process types, of which there are many — life, economic, musical, geological, astronomical, biological, and on and on.  Some of them benefit us more when we maintain them, which may be nothing more than flowing with them, or letting them work for us.

Our sun rises and sets every day.  We revolve around it every year.  Predictable down to the second.  Not that we should live within predictable.  To an extent, our overall vibrancy may be a result of how we manage the cycles within cycles.  What?  Our breathing, heart rate, our eating and biological functions are examples cycles within our control.  We maintain them, within other larger cycles.

When we live consistently within the day/night cycle (example), less stress.  When we constantly break that cycle, more stress.  When we are young, breaking this cycle seems less important because we are all invincible during our 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s.

When I lived in Portugal, it was baffling how most of the population in that age range would live the day cycle, sleeping at night during the week.  But on weekends they’d reverse the cycle and staying up all night and sleep all day.  Most every home and apartment, at least in the major cities like Oporto, had all windows shuddered during the weekend days.  Beautiful weekend days and most people were inside sleeping so they could stay up all night for two days out of seven.  They are experts at breaking the day cycle on a consistent basis.  Maybe it’s no wonder that they Portuguese people argue and yell at each other more than any other people I’ve run across.  All in all, a strange way to use cyclical weekend maintenance.

Crossing time zones is a challenge for maintaining the circadian rhythm cycle.  Necessary at times, but unavoidable stress.  You may or may not feel stressed, but the system is stressed.  There are physiological repercussions — all minimized with good maintenance.

Like plants left under light for 24 straight, when we skip cycle maintenance, we are interrupting our own synthesis.

Not that it’s a bad thing to break cycles.  They say that fasting once every six months is a healthy biological cycle break.  And moving the heart rate to different cycles is a good thing (as long as we don’t go from 60 to 150 in 10 seconds).  And giving birth is a natural break from a woman’s menstrual cycle.  All cycle breaks, but good cycle maintenance.

The circulatory blood flow cycle, where the red blood cells arrive to the lungs purple in color to pick up oxygen and carry that needed oxygen to all parts, is particularly important to maintain. Smoking, alcohol, processed sugars and flours interrupt that cycle by turning the system ph slightly more acidic.  The blood then doesn’t pick up oxygen with the same efficiency.   Our system is slightly compromised.

Looking back, I can see how my cancer tumor may have developed over time by not paying proper attention to certain biological cycle functions.  In effect, improper cycle maintenance.   My faulty invincibility left me vulnerable.  It’s only over time and how well or not well we’ve maintained certain cycles and flow within others that we find our invincibility.  Regardless of where we are, cycle maintenance just doesn’t stop.

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