watch out for ticks

While visiting P & M last weekend, we were reminded (thankfully so) to watch out for ticks.  Actually, not to watch out for them, but to periodically check for them.  When you are in bushy and wooded areas, it’s an easy thing to forget (to pay attention to).  Both P & M had tick experiences after moving to their new place.

The funny thing about ticks is that they can attached themselves to you and move around your body with little to no detection.  Their sole purpose is to feed off your blood.  They like to burrow into a dark place, normally hairy, and feed.  They could be there from hours to days without you noticing them unless you actively paid attention to a very small bump where a small bump should not be.

I was certainly glad that P gave me the reminder to be actively checking for those blood suckers.  They tend to carry diseases, like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Although if you do notice a tick, it’s probably too late if that tick is carrying something as it only takes a quick first bite.

Which means that if you have a dog, they need to be constantly checked for ticks.  Or, be wearing some kind of tick collar (chemicals).  Good reason not to have a dog in a woody/bushy area, unless you don’t mind scouring through their hair afterwards.

It got me thinking that these little parasite ticks parallel what happens to us as we simply live life.  It’s the life sucking ticks we’ve also got to pay attention to.  Those people, things, or frame of mind that can attach to us, most times without us being aware, and suck our life blood.  Insect ticks steal nutrients. They perform this theft without our awareness.  And a small percentage leave diseases.  The same thing happens with life sucking ticks. (not to be confused with tics. although one could argue that tics are ticks).

The challenge as we roll through life is to consciously and periodically check for those life sucking ticks.  I don’t think I checked soon enough for the tick(s) that caused my throat tumor (that is no more).  Had I been paying more attention, I might have been able to feel that bump earlier get rid of it before it caused such a problem.  But then again, maybe it was infected and there was nothing I could do.  Still, I could have been more astute in observing the presence of ticks.

Sometimes it’s people who latch onto us.  Sometimes it’s a thought process not properly directed.  Maybe it’s a difficult situation that we don’t know how to handle.  Or an addiction.  Regardless, life ticks can inflict harm if left unchecked.  Nutrients are stolen.

A large percentage of the world does tick checking through religion.  For others, religion can end up being the tick.  But we are all better off finding some way of periodically checking for whatever is sucking nutrients or otherwise detracting us from being a 100% healthy being.

Life sucking ticks are not as easy to find as the insect ticks.  Life ticks don’t always look for a dark, hairy place to hide.  They can burrow themselves right out in the open and glaze themselves over.

I don’t know who is constantly running at 100% of mind, body, spirit.  We are humans after all.  But where we are not at 100%, there are ticks attached and sucking nutrients.  We may not be able to rid all of them all of the time.  But we are better off reminding ourselves that we should periodically watch out for ticks .

I had better stop writing this post for now.  I’ve got a tick to attend to.

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