what the post to do

If I were a better writer, or a more creative thinker, this post would not be relevant.  When I first started this blog it was to memorialize the ordeal I was going through, because it was indeed brutal.  Conveniently, as thousands of others do and have done, it’s an efficient format to share information with others.  During the worst part of treatment at the beginning, I didn’t have to update anyone by phone or by separate email because what I cared to share (and more) was in the blog.

Then the recovery began and the blog morphed into wholewheat spaghetti.  How interesting can a recovery be week after week?  So it started to become random posts about anything.  Grainy thoughts from the throat.  But how interesting can that be?  Everyone has grainy thoughts.  What I’m writing about simply happens to be my thoughts and everyone has them.

What may be missing is more of a theme.  A story.  We all have limited reading time and most of us like to follow something that makes sense.  Something that flows.  It’s more digestible when there is a balanced, sensible diet.  One would need to be quite compelling to point a (figurative) shotgun in random directions and consistently hit something worthwhile.

Normally, I start writing the weekly post on Saturday, finishing and publishing it sometime on Sunday.  It takes time, at least for this scattered mind.  Since the hyperbaric oxygen treatment started this week, I now have an additional part-time job thrown into a full-time week.  Yesterday, Saturday, I had to catch up on household stuff and had limited head-time for the blog.  Today it’s a beautiful day and I’m writing these few lines when I should be pedaling somewhere north of the GW Bridge, which means that I’ll stop now and finish this later so I can get in a few hours of riding time…..

….Now that I’m back and publishing this, the question remains as to how to proceed with this blog.  How can I make it relevant to be worth anything.  How can I make it worth the reader’s time to check into another wholewheat spaghetti post?  I can’t keep talking about the pains I’ve got above the shoulders — that’s a disaster area, as are some of the parts not affected by radiation.

I could just keep writing random grainy thoughts.  But I’m swirling in a pond of doubt.  Should I put down the shotgun and pick up a rifle with scope?  That’s a question I’d like to ask you.  So if you are reading this and have a preference, or suggestion(s), your comments would be eagerly welcomed.  Story, theme, or random?  Your public comment via this blog post is welcome.  If you’d prefer to comment anonymously via direct to my email, my address is freddie.spaghetti@me.com

The truth is, it would be so rewarding, so rich, to read stories and thoughts from those who read this.  You all have a stories worth reading.  A few blips and we are out of here.  Sharing our stories in between those blips is what builds wealth.  And if I can make this story more valuable in any way from your perspective, my ears and eyes are hungry for what you have to share.

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