It really should be O with a small 5, but don’t have time to figure out how to make it small (in the title).  O2 is oxygen and O3 is ozone.  O3 is what I had injected into my face earlier in the week.  Don’t know yet whether that was a mistake, but it has taken me almost the whole week to recover.

After the first 20 hyperbaric tank dives, I headed to Colombia on business.

hypobaric tank, sits two

While I was there I took advantage of seeing the bio-energy doc.  I showed him the written results of last month’s PET scan, explained about the hyperbaric treatments, and the increased pain I was having in my jaw.  He highly recommended the ozone therapy.  I asked a lot of questions and he was quite convincing so he injected O3 into two areas of my jaw/face.  I guess I didn’t ask enough questions.

The left side of my face swelled up to twice its size. I could not even see out of my left eye.  He kept trying to move the swell down toward my neck by massaging my face in a downward fashion.  I could hear the bubbles from the gas as it moved.  After about a half hour, I could at least venture out of his office without scaring anyone (myself excluded).  That was Tuesday afternoon.

Flying back on the next day’s redeye was not so fun. I was still looking (and feeling) abnormal.   He said it may be 3-4 days until I was back to normal. Wy didn’t he tell me this before I agreed to the injection?  Anyway, I finished out the workweek looking like a deformed freak.

Maybe the reaction was exaggerated by the hyperbaric oxygen treatments I just finished, which was a heavy O2 infusion.  Perhaps combined it settled into some form of O5.

The whole point of all this O infusion is to arrest the advancement of the ostioradionecrosis.  The fix is still up in the air. Whenever I decide to go under the knife, it’s a crap shoot as to what they’ll find. If there is not too much dead bone, they’ll pull a couple of teeth, do a little scraping, borrow skin from the inside of the cheek (or somewhere else) and cover things back up.  If there is too much dead bone, they’ll do all that and close it up and schedule something later much more involved, (harvesting bone from the leg, metal plates, and other reconstructive stuff).  I’d like to not even think about that.

Until then, I feel like I’ve taken a step back and am again dealing with more pain and stiffness than I (or anyone would) care for.

P.S. I don’t recommend O5

1 thought on “O5

  1. Anonymous

    Fred: I admire your stamina, perspective, and continued sense of humor. Thanks for the update, and wishing you better days ahead! swjr


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