O2 + O3 = O s**t

It may have been one of the more reckless things I’ve done lately, trusting the bio-energy doctor in Colombia.  Since he injected me with O3, it’s been nothing but problems.   I went to the guy to find suggestions for relief and he makes things worse.  I trusted him.

The swelling did finally go down last Saturday, four days after the injections.  But since then promptly returned.  It looks like I’ve got a swollen lump on the ridge of my jaw and up into my cheek.  Coupled with that, my left jaw has tightened up so that I can barely fit the tooth brush head into my mouth.  Yes, now the problem is eating.  And chewing.  I’m back on a liquid diet because I can’t open my mouth wide enough to get food in.

A few days ago, I went to the surgeon’s office unannounced to see if I could talk to him for five minutes.  The question was whether I should be taking antibiotics, especially since I’ve got to travel in a few days.  After seeing me he said I should have a “boatload” of antibiotics with the way I looked.  He took a panorix (full mouth) scan and guessed that the jaw joint was affected by an infection.  I’m taking a strong antibiotic for two weeks and may need to have them injected if not significantly improved upon return.

When I told the surgeon about the ozone injections, he just looked at me dumbfounded.  He said that gas is not something that should ever be injected into tissue.  He said they use gas once in a while to open cavities (in the body), but never into tissue.  He said it was dangerous and could cause embolisms.  He said I’d better not do that any more.  He was right when he said that alternative medicine is supposed to be non-invasive.  Once you get into injecting needles, you are leaving the zone of natural healing.  I was properly scolded.

The maxillofacial specialist I had seen the week prior commented that his only experience with ozone therapy was with a high-profile person who had the same throat cancer who flew to California regularly for this treatment being told that it would cure the cancer.  It didn’t.  He therefore didn’t believe in the therapy and told me to come back when I wasn’t so swollen so he could examine me baseline.  I’ve been trying to get there since.

The last two work days of the week I attended an all day conference, meeting new people every hour.  I was self conscious enough to hold my hand over my left jaw the entire time trying to hide the large hideous bulge.  I’m sure I just looked like a weirdo with his hand stuck to his face.

In any event, I can’t go backwards.  And until this is resolved, I can only say, o s**t.

5 thoughts on “O2 + O3 = O s**t

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that the mouth situation has become more difficult again. Can’t imagine. May healing come quickly.

    bro p.

  2. Anonymous

    Fred: Hoping this shall resolve soon absent lingering infection or antibiotics. You have truly remarkable resolve. swjr


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