face lift

If only in the traditional sense, I’d be coming out of a pending face lift surgery looking prettier and younger.  Oh part of my face will indeed be lifted, cutting out part of what’s beneath it and replacing what they take with something else.  Who knows, maybe I will end up prettier and younger, to one seeing things in a cyclometric functional way.  The result will be in practiced hands.

Those practiced hands will hopefully keep me from being a FON (Freak Of Nature) and  I’ll stay somewhat closer to a NUB (Non-Unique Being).  Even ending up as an UB (Unique Being) would be better than a FON.

a NUB wanna be in need of face job

There are only a few days left.  As a reminder, please don’t call me for a couple of weeks.  I won’t be able to talk for at least the first week.  And as much as it would be nice to hear from SOBs (Sensitive Obliging Beings), it will be more helpful if I rest, come out of anticipated funk, cough a few times, and initiate communication.

So whether an SOB, NUB, or UB, (I don’t know any FONs), please forgive the possibility that there may be a missing post next Sunday.  I’ll catch up though.

It may mean some day I’ll enjoy a real face lift.

6 thoughts on “face lift

  1. mosswood

    The Dominican Nuns at the Monastery in your home- town will be standing by with their big Spiritual Canons on August 22. The Nuns have known you by name for some time.

  2. Anonymous

    Fred: NO obligation from my perspective that you maintain the weekly missive. Get your face lift, revel in its newness, no buyer’s remorse please, and take a well-deserved holiday from writing your fan club. Be strong, be focused, be a badazz. Thinking of you and I luv ya mon, swjr


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