Blow by blow

Don’t worry, not putting anyone through that. But I did read a medical paper online which said that dealing with this after radiation/chemo, is a “cruel blow” to the patient and immediate family.

The author was referring to a “mandible resection with a fibula flap.” This is by far the hardest few days I’ve ever passed through. And the easy part comes in parts. Still not declared out of the woods, but the healing is going according to schedule. Not easy but well.

The left side of my face is comically swollen (normal). Just had IV #4&5 put in as the first three wore out. I’m learning to walk with a walker because my leg is broken.

But I had to do this. There wasn’t much choice. The bone holding there teeth which included eight centimeters of my jaw was severely deteriorated.

Catch up later. Writing this was exhausting.

8 thoughts on “Blow by blow

  1. mosswood

    “On the mend” seems like a mountain but then you have climbed many mountains.
    Could we who love you but be the Angels along the way handing you refreshment.

  2. Anonymous

    So glad to hear things are progressing in an onward/upward direction. Love you and hope you are able to go home soon.

  3. Anonymous

    Fred: You are remarkable as a correspondent, optimist, and patient. Sending the very best karma in your direction as well best wishes nuggets shall appear in quantity. Luv ya mon, swjr


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