public consumption

I was glad with the condition for going home — managing my own feeding through the nose tube.  Kind of a no-brainer and much better than sitting in a hospital room.  That happened on Wed, 29th.

They don’t want anything in the mouth for a full two weeks, hence the need to keep the feeding tube.

The day prior to check out they took out the trachea hole plug, and that morning the soft cast from the knee to the toes was taken off. I’m served up the chance to walk and talk again, at my own recovery pace.

Other than that, one side of my face is twice the size as the other, I’ve got a tube coming out of my nose, and a patched up neck covering various slices.  Basically, I’m a little butched up.  Not quite fit for public consumption.


Next big day is Tuesday,when the feeding tube and stitches come out. Maybe then I’ll be slightly more fit for more public nibbles.

This morning as I was going down the elevator, I actually scared one of my neighbors who happened to be in the elevator when I got in.  “Ah,” he gasped, “what happened to you?  You fall off your bicycle?”  Covering the trachea hole patch I replied, “yea, something like that.”

Madison Square Park behind Shake Shack, 8 am, Sep 2. FIT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION

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