Nothing’s changed.  Ancient wizard turned modern superhero.

the lopsided face continues after a full six weeks. covered up is more muck


Secret: look beyond the lopsided face.  don’t get caught in the muck of appearance. 

Relax, have a coffee and a chill pill.  Improvement is imminent.  The wizard said so.  And believe, in the lopsided face.

shazam bam a lam.  thank you ma’am. this ain’t no flim flam. belongs in the can. not just who I am.  cause you jam, and define can, lam, and the flim flam man…fs

No P.S.  If you want to read something far more satisfying, mosswood has creatively added an exceptional post to what hasn’t been said.

3 thoughts on “shazam

  1. mosswood

    Your piece is clever in expressing your pain. Hope all who read it get it. As for my piece, I thank you for your support for I do not think anyone else reads it.


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