embracing storm

Any storm.  Right now there appears to be an earthly storm bearing down on the North East of the U.S.  Arriving at an unknown a mere calculation based on a set of variables.  It appears that this storm Sandy is headed from the Caribbean north directly up the Atlantic Ocean toward Greenland.  But the projection has her making an almost sharp left turn into the DC, NYC, Boston area.

sandy baby

We didn’t have that kind of visibility a few years ago.  That foresight, or those calculations, gives us more time to accept the (em)bracing part.  I had almost a month to embrace the storm of the jaw surgery.  The visibility gave me some time to brace and embrace.

There will always be storms, whether earthly or manmade.  Sometimes, we create our own.  Generally, we try to avoid them.  But visibility or not, if we don’t brace them with a big EM, we miss weathering them to our full potential.

Most storms end up doing damage.  That’s their nature.  The trick is in the sandbags, real or imagined.  Good sandbag prep takes patience, thought, and a little work.  With the right combo, we minimize destruct, maximize construct.  It’s our ability to prepare at all which is fortunate.  Of course we know that sandbag prep is prudent even when the horizon is clear.

a possible storm brewing on the horizon

So thank you mister weatherologist man for giving us the heads up about Sandy.  Tell us just enough without over-telling us.  The result is still an unknown.  Lots of variables in the equation, as there always are.  With your good calculations, we are lucky enough to brace for, and embrace,  the soon-to-be stormy but short-term atmospheric brouhaha.

But if the electricity must go off, let it not be too long.  There’s only so much embracing I’m in the mood for.

1 thought on “embracing storm

  1. Anonymous

    Fred: I hope you can “weather the storm” by bracing and embracing while consuming the remainder of the pie graph. I also hope you are seeing improvement in that troublesome jaw. May “Surf City” be brief.


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