a new one

It would have been lovely to spend this long weekend with family at brother P’s spread.  Most of my immediate family is there.  Given the mouth stuff I’m still dealing with, I decided to hang tight.   Moreover, getting back into a productive state is paramount after so much unwanted but required downtime.

Sometime during the last couple of weeks, a tip of mandible poked through the gums.  A new discovery.  It wasn’t easy to detect at first because a flap of skin covered it.  The dentist who cleans my teeth in Colombia pointed it out.  It wasn’t a good feeling.  Lately the skin around it has become inflamed, sore.  The doctor last week said it looks like the toothpick-looking point can simply be shaved back, skin pulled over and stitched up, and I should be good to go.  But first he suggested taking a biopsy just to be double sure nothing was there.  Nothing was.  At least this latest endeavor will be an in-office procedure.  Then, a follow up with some HBO dives.

At least my face is a lot less swollen.  There’s a lot of residual stuff happening with the healing and settling.  A very weird feeling.  But hey, I’m somewhat whole, so I’m not complaining.

The last three years have been filled with mouth challenges.  I’m crossing lots of fingers hoping the next one doesn’t have any new ones.  And the next few after that don’t either.

Because years tick way too quick.  The world didn’t end at the turn of the millennium nor on the mayan calendar date.  Who knows when it will (for us)?  If we make them count somehow, or measurably productive, then those quick ticks make more sense.

And if this makes sense, I was talked into a midnight run on the 31st.  There will be several thousand running a short 4-mile course through Central Park at the stroke of midnight, preceded by dancing, a costume party and fireworks.  Just bundle up because it will be below freezing.

GV halfway thru a half-marathon earlier in the year.

GV halfway thru a half-marathon earlier in the year.

I haven’t been running for a while and my left leg is still swollen where the fibula came out.  But what the hey, if I keep it to a light jog, I’m up for welcoming 2013 in a way that will hopefully be a prelude of what the year should become.

May your new one be a happy one.

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