no weight please

Hold on, weight a minute.  Maybe I’m heavier than I should be.  Or lighter.

On Friday I was pedaling south from the upper east side of Manhattan on my city bike.  After the small mouth surgery Thursday I returned for a batch of HBO treatments.  The closest hospital with a hyperbaric tank is NY Pres, where our Secretary of State recently was discharged.  The early morning temperature was below freezing as I was struggling with the hills (er,..small slops) of Central Park.  It was the second time I was in Central Park inside a week gasping for oxygen and thinking about weight.  Whether I had too little or too much.

Coincidentally, when I arrived home I read an interesting tweet by skf115 where he sights a recent wsj article reporting that people who are slightly overweight actually live longer.  The recent study shows……after evaluating almost 100 different studies of about 3 million people, we are better off somewhere between normal and obese.  Weight.

Many of us like measuring.  There are always guys in the gym locker room who hop on the scale to weigh themselves.  I’ve done the same thing recently, hoping to increase the scale measurements.

The obese measurements we’ve heard so much about in recent years use a BMI (body mass index) scale.  Not that BMI isn’t a good index, but it can be misleading as it makes no differentiation between fat and muscle.

Whatever.  One interesting fact in this study shows that (too much) belly fat may be toxic, but fat in other areas is protective.

I’m simply trying to eliminate fat around the left side of my face, particularly the jaw area.  I doubt it’s protective, but maybe it is.  It’s definitely not muscle.  Maybe it’s a partially obese jaw.

We keep learning stuff all the time.  When the next study is published, we’ll learn more.  In the meantime, maybe we shouldn’t be so hung up on weight, unless we are peddling uphill.

And the point is?  Long life is probably a lot more complex than weight.  Or maybe the idea of weight is more complex.  Or gasping for oxygen is not a bad thing (unless you are underwater or in an oxygen tank).

Better not to worry about the hills, rather finding a different gear or cadence.  Screw the weight.  Because as I was writing and absorbed in this non-weighty post, I missed going to a good buddy’s daughter’s volleyball tournament in Queens.  I missed out on something being weighed down by an issue with no weight.

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