enough of face job

It’s high time to get out of this category.  On February 22, it will be six months since the face job operation.  It was, by far, the most brutal, difficult thing I’ve done.  And I’m still in the healing process.

I was lead to believe that I was going to be back to (somewhat) new two months after the op.  What a laugh.  At four months they told me I was looking good.  I was wondering what was taking so long.

I’m extremely grateful to the medical guys for helping me, but they live this life so seeing the results of their work is something they deal with daily.  What is new to me is not new to them.

I’m trying to wear prosthetic teeth where the hole is to try to fill out the space and protect the upper teeth.  They hurt like hell.  I can’t believe they don’t make them in softer material.

This operation must have cut some key muscles or connectors that run up through the neck.  The right side of my neck is normal.  The left side is hard as a rock and inside feels like over-tight banjo strings about to burst. From my chin along the left side of the jaw line there is still a significant amount of edema that is bothersome both physically and cosmetically.

This is a hell of a lot more than I signed on for when I started the radiation and chemo.  I should have been back in the game as a full-time starter.  Instead, I was thrown in the penalty box.  It’s hard not to get pissed off.  Not many players are thrown into the p box.  Why me?  It was incorrectly called a foul.

If my face was only cosmetic, it would be one mental hurdle.  But the fact that I don’t have full control of the lip muscle on the left side means that my speech is not what it was.  And any advances I had in eating were set back.

The leg where the bone came out is still sore but most of the swelling is down.  The scar down the leg has healed, but the patch where all the muscles and tendons needed to be unwound and veins taken out is still tender.

But hey, my head is still screwed on.  I need to and am looking at the positive.  So my neck and face is a little frigged up.  ANBMFD.  I can still ride a bike.  And I can still do pirouettes — at least with one leg.

So quit your griping Freddie.  Get out of the face job category, get a move on and stop being a wuss.

So be it.  Movin on.

1 thought on “enough of face job

  1. mosswood

    False expectations cause the goal posts to keep moving. Your recent post indicates that in spite of the unexpected consequence you are embracing your new reality. Would that we all could.


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