the squeaky wheel

It’s only natural to want to try to sooth or stop a baby from crying.  When a young infant is crying, it’s usually because of discomfort.  With time, infants learn to cry for attention.

GV and I took an overseas flight on Friday.  We knew there were going to be infants on board.  The choice was to sit toward the front surrounded by them or sit in the back of the plane.  We chose the infants.  Airplane air flows front to back.  Front is preferred.

It was good knowing prior to the flight that we were going to be surrounded by babies.  On a flight, hearing them is a crap shoot because some don’t cry.  Others do nothing but.  On this flight it was kind of like an orchestra, when the conductor starts one section and slowly brings in the others.  It’s not like crying is contagious, more like a dog hearing another howl — wanting to join a noise parade.

When you get your bicycle completely cleaned (degreased and adjusted), it can be like having a new bike again.  I did that last Saturday before I went on Sunday’s ride.  The difference was amazing.  There were no squeaks in the wheel, but it felt like time for a deep cleaning.  After I picked it up Saturday afternoon, it was almost like riding on air.  It was so quite, that I did hear a small noise against the wheel which made me stop immediately.  A small piece of flexible wire was touching the wheel, making a kind of squeak.  It seemed like it was crying out for attention.  I happily obliged.

There is a saying in Spanish, el que no llora, no mana.  It’s something like the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  And sometimes it is good to be squeaky.  If you mentally attain peace with whatever happens, you may just miss out on important piece(s).  You know, all the win-win mumbo jumbo.

But being squeaky once in a while has its benefits.  Exercises the lungs and other organs.  May even satisfy an emotional requirement.  It may mean there is a loose wire rubbing your tire.  Or that your wheels really need a good greasing.

Have you ever called a credit card company and gotten a late charge removed?  Ever complained your food wasn’t just right?  Someone ever step on your toes?  Squeak, squeak, squawk.

Sometimes on those long overseas flights, it’s impossible to avoid screaming babies.  They get the grease.  And they get the best (economy) bulk-head seats with lots of legroom for their schlepping parents.

Bottom line, if you plan on taking a long overseas flight, take a baby.  Carry some grease.  And don’t be afraid to squeak a little.  Just a little.

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  1. Stryker

    Fred: Thanks for encouraging me to squeak and squawk more; sage advice. And having watched Peter clean his bike thoroughly–and often–I have an appreciation for your enthusiasm for a finely tuned and clean ride. swjr


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