Great men (further) defined

It was one short year ago that there was another great men post buried in this blog.  And this soon too will be buried.  But the memories won’t be.

Thirteen of us met again yesterday for lunch.  Several more who could not make it sent regards. It’s now been 42 years since we were all in high school together.

What’s notable is that we are all kind of different (from what we were), yet all kind of the same.  As humans do, we’ve evolved in many respects while keeping a good chunk of our personalities in tact.  Like many upper middle-age guys do, we’ve softened around the edges.

What makes these reunions rich is the fact that they exist at all.  After all, what’s the alternative?  We could all decide to do something else with that time, those couple of hours.  But the fact that we make an effort and choose to share a spot of time generates a richness that otherwise wouldn’t exist.  And the wealth is compounded by those who show up.  It’s like the idea that the synergy of a group is greater than the sum of the individuals.  It’s an opportunity to stimulate neurons that may be crying to be stimulated (we all have those).

great men luncheon april 27, 2013. there is on GM trying to make this photo happen

Great men luncheon April 27, 2013. there is on GM trying to make this photo happen.

Not to get too sappy, but when groups such as ours get together, it’s tantamount to creating neural wealth, as a group and within each of us.  That’s how the brain works.  It’s subtle, but everyone takes away something positive whether they know it one not.

There was some scuttle-butt about expanding the invitation list, inviting others who were not part of our class, but the idea was nixed as it would have bastardized the great men meaning.

So what about the women in our class?  Whenever we get together, it seems like we fondly recall many of the girls now women from our class.  Perhaps we’d invite them, except that we’d need to change our tag to great people, or great class, or something non-discriminatory.  Not that any of us has anything against women.  From our discussions, you’d think we would treasure having many of them there.  It’s just that we are men.  Great men.  At least in our own eyes.

Are you of the male gender graduated from LCHS in 1971?  Then simply know that you are a great man.

In the end, it comes down to a manageable focused goal of capturing continued moments of camaraderie by a group of guys who’ve shared boat loads of experiences long ago.    It’s about recalling those moments.  And perhaps even creating new ones.  Salute, to all those great men out there.

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