traversing the muck patch

Muck is so easy to slide on, or into.  A better way to say that is that muck may be hard to stay out of.  Muck, being that slippery substance accumulated in damp places, especially after a downpour.  Mucky areas need the brightness of the sun to clear up.

Sometimes muck is where you least expect it.  It can sneak up on you.  If we are not careful or prepared, muck can throw us off balance, causing us to slip, even fall.  Falling in muck can be messy, painful, or both.

I slipped in a little muck about a month ago.  It was my fault.  I could see it coming and thought I could breeze right over it, but I ended up slipping.  I didn’t fall hard but still, it was a slightly uncomfortable slip.  It was a thicker muck patch than I had anticipated.  Looking back, I could have made a step correction and avoided the slip.  Muck patches are not always avoidable.  But slipping and falling is.

Not that all muck is bad.  Some can have richness to it.  Depending on the circumstance, muck can facilitate growth.  But even good muck, as valuable as it can be, is not something to wallow in for too long. The crazy thing is, there are some who actually seem to enjoy muck.  Even running in it (running amuck).

it appears that they successfully traversed this muck patch

it appears that they successfully traversed this muck patch

Several years ago I heard someone defend a muck fall as “I’m only human.”  But it’s precisely because we are human that we have the ability to avoid falling.  As humans, it is almost impossible not to get pushed or bumped and become off balanced.  If someone around us slips, they could inadvertently pull us into the muck with them (those confounding times of helping others out of the muck without getting mucked up ourselves).  If our reaction is too slow, or internal stability not well heeled, the off-balanced moment can lead to a muck fall.

Point is, to recognize muck for what muck is.  It’s not quicksand.  It won’t kill us but can get messy.  And we can’t always have our muck boots on as the stuff lurks in the strangest places.  Avoiding a muck patch might seem easier but could take us out of route.  Sometimes it’s smarter to traverse the patch.  If so, it pays to tread carefully, or purposely.  If you do happen to slip and fall, wash it off well (and move on).  Dried muck of any kind is harder to get off.

wish I had muck boots like these.

wish I had muck boots like these.

Are there any tips or secrets for not getting mucked up?  Maybe donating a Franklin note every time we feel our button pushed.  But I’ve yet to get my hands on a copy of The Complete Guide to Successfully Traversing Muck Patches.  Until then, if you happen to fall in the muck, at least make sure it smells good.

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