please squeeze me, I’m a….

You’ll know if I’m ready to eat if you squeeze me.  It’s a delicate squeeze.  The right touch is required.  You’ll know right away if I’m too hard or too soft and I’ll be discarded immediately as not ready or past my time.

Most people think I’m a vegetable.  But I’m a fruit.  Yo, I grow on a tree like my other fruit brethren and I’ve got a giant pit of a seed.  Open me at my peak and I’m a switch hitter.  I can go savory or sweet.  In one part of the world people like me like a vegetable, adding me to salads and sandwiches.  In another (Asia), they adore my sweet side, sometimes adding sugar and chocolate.

Throw in a smoothie and I can make the consistency taste like that of soft ice cream.  And who in their right mind doesn’t like ice cream?  Some smash me up and make me hot (not bothered).  Nothing like mixing me with a little jalapeño to spice up your life.  Dude, I’m happy either way, as long as you continue squeezing me.

Because I’m mistaken so easily for a veg, I’ve got nutrients and other properties benefiting those who want to eat veg healthy.  Under the fruits and vegetables umbrella, I can slide from one end to the other, nutritionally speaking.

Yea, people say I’m fat.  But it’s good fat yo.  They even say that I help reduce bad cholesterol and that I’ve got heart benefits.  Of course that’s true.  I’ve got a big heart myself.  We could have a mutually beneficial heartfelt love relationship.  Cut me open, cut me up, smash me with a fork, mix me with whatever you want, or eat me whole.  Just know my aim is to benefit you.

In many South America countries I’m known by my quechua name, palta.  In my home country Mexico, I’m an aquacate.  I’m sure I’ve got other names but can’t keep up with all of them.  And it doesn’t matter what you call me.  Just squeeze me, I’m a mighty fine avocado.

palta relleno

palta relleno – some prefer to stuff me

freedie spagetti added tomato, onion, cilantro, and s&p to me.

freedie spagetti added tomato, onion, cilantro, and s&p to me.

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