everything but the kitchen sink

It’s been a while now.  There has always something going on (excuse).  It didn’t seem worth investing the energy.  But now it’s high time.  I’ve been focusing on everything but the kitchen sink. But the kitchen sink is finally going to get its due.  The rust along the front edge is an eye-sore and getting worse.  So this weekend, the kitchen sink is receiving some attention.

We all know the saying “everything but the kitchen sink.” I knew of one circumstance where it was most appropriate.  I was a young dad, early 20’s.  The mother of our two young kids wanted to go camping with them.  I agreed to the plan, after all, I like to camp.  But I never camped with her, nor with babies.  If she could have taken the kitchen sink along on our camping trip, she would have.  It took longer to pack and unpack, and again pack and unpack on the return, than it did to camp.  I remember thinking that the sink could have doubled as the cradle.

That’s about the extent of my sink memories.  But that’s going to change because it’s time to create a new and exciting sink experience.  Sink shopping?  It may be more exciting to shop for just about anything but. (no offense sink). The good news is, the kitchen sink department at the local Home Depot isn’t exactly overcrowded.

As it happens, over the years we’ve been slowly turning the kitchen appliances from white to stainless. Seven years ago it was the refrigerator. A few years later the dishwasher.  It only makes sense to replace the now rusting white ceramic sink with something that won’t rust. It will flow with the motif slowly making its way across the panorama.  The only thing left will be the stove.

It should be so easy to buy a basic stainless sink.  Oh, but then the faucets won’t match.  And then there is the question about the number of predrilled holes.  How about the integrated hose, soap dispensers, or ability to add a water-filter? What about the gauge of the stainless? The shape and depth? Is there a brand difference?  More decisions than I bargained for.  The possible combinations and styles are seemingly endless. Search for kitchen sink on Amazon and 134,815 results show up.

There is so much data and studying to do, that it looks like it will take me well beyond this weekend. In fact, the more I dig, the more there is to know.  Looks like I’m in for a self-taught sink course.  And I can’t forget about the re-plumbing implications.  This is all proper payment for ignoring the kitchen sink for so long.

Nevertheless, the kitchen sink can’t continue being spurned.  Long ignored and left behind, I’m not going to let that happen any more. It plays such a key role in the home and our lives, helping to funnel away that which we don’t want, while being the all-important clean facilitator.  No more everything but the kitchen sink.  The sink’s status is being elevated.  From now on it will be, first, the kitchen sink, then, everything else.

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