fell down on the job

Not literally.  But I might as well have.

Normally I update this blog with a post weekly.  I start on Saturday and finish, update, and post sometime on Sunday.  Not that the posts take two days to write, it’s just that my attention span works better if I break them up.  I even had a topic planned for today.  But I up and fagged out.

The other normal activity on (clement) weekends is cycling.  And cycling has never been an impediment to uploading a post.  Except this weekend.

Recently, I haven’t been in the habit of biking both weekend days.  But yesterday was the kind of day that kept pulling my bike further.  Today’s ride was the planned long ride.  Long sob story short, I also ended up with a searing pain inside my right shoulder rotor during the weekend.  It’s no excuse and I’m not crying about it.  It’s just that disappointment set in as I realized I fell into faggdom — that place where you know you should be doing something and don’t.  Both days, rather than writing, I fagged.

So for those who expect more than a veiled pitch at sympathy from a post, I’ll do better next week (yes, you’ll be the judge of that).  Until then, I’m going to climb out of this lounge chair and this state of faggdom reverie and and tie up the balance of weekend chores.

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