Mix it all together.  Bibimbap is a Korean dish of rice, vegetables, meat, egg, and (usually) chili sauce.  Place all the ingredients in a bowl adjacent to each other in the most aesthetically pleasing position, then mix them up.  Bibimbap is a version of a tossed salad but with non-typical salad ingredients.  The sauce to facilitate the blend ranges from very spicy to a mild soy sauce.

yet to be thoroughly mixed

yet to be thoroughly mixed

Near my office, there are hundreds of places to pick up lunch.  Most have salad bars, where ingredients are tossed, mixed and chopped together.  One block away is a deli with a dozen different stations for typical dishes like sandwiches, pizza, hot meals, sushi, soba soups, natural raw juice bar, several salad bars, and, a bibimbap station.  For bibimbap, you pick the bowl with the base vegetables and egg, select the meat, type of rice, and you mix.  In a traditional bibimbap, there is no main ingredient.  The combined ingredients make a well-rounded meal.

This dish had me thinking about they way we consume life, like a bibimbap.  There is no one main ingredient.  We choose various ingredients and thoroughly mix them up yielding a well rounded meal of life.  Our makeup becomes the bibimbap of our experiences.  We evolve with our own sauce that facilitates the mix, from very spicy and flavorful to, for some, unsavory.

Life food is most nutritious when it’s balanced as a well-thought out bibimbap.  We are a mix of the variety and colors of our experiences, sustaining us in the aesthetic  positions in which we’ve placed them in our bowl.  The wider the experiences and breath of perceptions, the richer and spicier the flavor of the sauce.

So if you are aching to consume something well-rounded, delicious, healthy, and perhaps a bit spicy, consider a fresh made bibimbap.

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