no good excuse

Three weeks have gone by since I’ve updated this blog, meaning I’ve missed two Sunday updates.  I made a personal commitment to update the blog at least weekly.  In late October I also missed a post, which I chalked up to being in China (no access to the blog).  That makes three missed posts in the last two months.  Not a good record.

Two weeks ago I made a road trip to Pennsylvania to visit family, both DOM and DOD.  Last weekend was just full of stuff.  All three excuses seemed perfectly rational at the time.  My head told me what I was doing was more important than a blog post.  But dissecting the excuses exposed their weaknesses.  Some excuses are good and healthy, others are poor and weak.  Mine were limp, flat, and good for nothing.

It would be easy to ignore the blog and only write when I have the whim.  After all, the readership is low.  Who would miss a post here or there?  And if they did, I could make the excuse sound good.

Expert excuse makers can make excuses sound not only good, but even necessary.  But most excuses for not doing something disciplinary are flimsy.  In each of my three excuse examples, I could have prepared thoughts prior to the weekend.  My time is not so busy that I can’t take a few minutes to think and write.  If I convince myself that I am too busy, I’ve succeeded in manufacturing an excuse worthy only of the garbage.

There may be valid times for missing a post, like being in China, where access to most social media sites is blocked.  But posts can be written and updated earlier or later than trips.  Writing once per week and organizing thoughts doesn’t need to be hindered because of a trip, or because other stuff took the post’s place.

Fact is, it’s much easier not to write than to write.  Writing takes time, construction, and for me, a lot of editing.  On the flip side, I’d enjoy reading blogs by many of the people I know, family and friends, beyond a few Twitter or Facebook lines.

So no good excuse.  I can make up those three missing posts before the end of the year.  Let’s see about that.  It might even make a good excuse.

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