It sure is nice living in a part of the world that celebrates Christmas.  The spirit of the holiday does something to, well, the spirit.  We’re reminded to be festive, to do things for others we would not normally do, give gifts and be nice(r).  In a way, it begs the question as to why we need a holiday for an excuse to be more festive.  But life moves in cycles, in waves, it ebbs and flows, so it seems natural also that we periodically take breaks to contemplate the softer side of our humanity.

Yesterday in the gym, I heard one of the trainers complaining that more people were not in the same joyful holiday spirit that he was.  The fact that more people didn’t wish him merry christmas rankled his joyfulness.  I overheard him complaining with his trainee as I was working through an exercise.  I pulled out my earphones, looked over to him and said, “merry f**$%## christmas.”  From his surprised face, it wasn’t the precise greeting he was after, but his trainee got a laugh.

He was after people being in more than the routine spirit, even in a place where people go through routines.  He believed we should have been extra jovial grunting through exercises, so it did pass through my frontal cortex, for a few seconds, why we aren’t more jovial more often.

No doubt there is a special feeling that comes over most during Christmas, were we greet strangers when we wouldn’t normally, or we are more receptive and smiling.

So MFC.  Merry Festive Christmas.  If it’s the season to be nice, them maybe we should stretch the holidays as long as possible.

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