new year’s eve eve

Most big celebrated events have a lead-up period.  We’ve been sporadically doling out Happy New Years greetings for several days now.  These greetings crescendo between 10pm — 2am tomorrow evening, peaking at midnight wherever you are, signifying that the last calendar year is officially history (until the tax filing deadline).  The greetings will have tapered off dramatically by Jan 2.  The start of the greeting excitement though, happens today, NYEE.

Tomorrow, NYE, is a holiday for most businesses.  NYEE is when we bid farewell to many co-workers for the rest of the year.  It’s also the last day to get our acts together for NYE.

Don’t let the eve of the big eve get the better of you.  Before NYEE slips through your fingers, make sure next year’s calendar is open and ready for flexibility and change, with a heavy hand primed for newness.

From this blog post to your subconsciousness:  May you have a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, and a productive New Year’s Eve Eve.

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