tap water in a bottle

Just performed the every-six-month water filter change on our drinking water faucet.  Not that we need to filter good New York City tap water, but a couple of years ago I filled the coffee pot with water, let it sit overnight, and noticed a film of brown sediment on the bottom.  It didn’t look very appetizing.  Then I found out there was work being done on our water tank which sits on the roof of our building.

NYC tap water is about the cleanest in the country.  It’s a lot cleaner than most bottled water, given that a large portion of bottle water is taken from the same source as tap water.  City water suppliers must rigorously test the water for all types of bacteria that bottle water suppliers don’t.  It sure is convenient grabbing a bottle of water on the go, but making bottle water the drinking water of choice over tap water, at least in most of the US, is a marketing ploy.  Not only is bottle water no cleaner than tap, but the plastic container and logistics to move 50 billion bottles annually is also a significant pollution contribution.  Most plastic bottles are not recycled.

The last faucet filter was $45 and filtered sediment, chlorine, and scads of bacteria and other stuff that isn’t even in our tap water.  Why not just buy thrice washed lettuce, bring it home and wash it three more times for an over-the-top and unnecessary practice (phobia).  This time I bought a filter who’s job it is to filter sediment only, cost $14.  I suppose if I lived outside a city where well water could be more suspect and less tested, a super-duper filter would be a logical expense.

I grew up on tap water.  There was never any thought to drinking anything else.  There was no such thing as bottled water anyhow.   If you are reading this, chances are you’ve got all-natural, delicious drinking water flowing out of your tap.  All you need is the bottle.

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