coffee time plus

I’ve written about coffee time before.  Nothing has changed since then.  Almost.  It’s still a special time in the morning, one that provides continual satisfaction on several fronts.  It’s a time I selfishly protect no matter where I am.  If there is an article somewhere out there about the negative effects of coffee consumption, I’m not going to read it, because it was written by someone who dislikes coffee, is self-righteous, and doesn’t appreciate what coffee time is all about.

As time efficiency is important during the work week, coffee time needs to be milked for all it’s worth.  Because CT can’t be stretched at home during the work week as much as I’d like it to, I’ve succumbed to an occasional stop at a local Starbucks on the way to work.  There are only five different Starbucks to choose from within a two block radius of my office, as well as multiple other places serving java, including a couple offering organic brewed coffee, and the local mud truck.

Like many of the S’bucks in NYC, there seems to be a constant queue of coffee fans (addicts) 15-20 deep from the register, each looking into a handheld with their order known to them already, many paying with that same device.  The reason I choose to occasionally join the crowd is because of this S’bucks Clover press.  Not all S’bucks have a clover press.  And not many Starbuck frequenters know about or order clover pressed coffee.  The clover press brews an individual cup at a time.  Designed by a couple of Stanford grads, it’s a cross between a (sort of) reverse french press and a vacuum press.  The beans are also ground in the moment.  Of course, there is a premium for this brewing process which is an up-charge of a dollar and higher, depending on the bean you select.  In the land where a small is a tall, a Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain through the clover will set you back more than five bucks.

If you are happy with robusta beans (think Maxwell house and Nescafe), then forget seeking out a clover press, because chances are you add milk and sugar to your coffee to make it palatable, and you are not likely a CT fan.  But if you appreciate select arabica beans and are looking for a reason to stretch coffee time away from home, then a cup of clover brewed coffee is a mighty fine excuse.

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