all not natural

It’s not so hard to eat all natural.  All you’ve got to do is shop exclusively at your local green market, eat 100% certified organic, or grow what you eat.  Right.  Who’s got time for that?  For an increasing number of people, eating all natural is slowly becoming more of a challenge.

A couple of the large food makers have given in to taking the words ‘all natural’ off certain product packaging.  Their incentive was not to come clean, rather of growing litigation claims.  You could argue that chemicals and synthetic materials (ingredients) are natural (of nature) and you may not be wrong.  Pigs lips and are all natural.  Hormones are all natural.  Lot’s of things we would not eat by themselves are all natural.  The definition for food companies is not a tight interpretation.  We’ve all seen the ingredient natural flavoring.  Why not simply list the natural flavor?  If the ingredient sounded healthy, appetizing, or natural, they’d print the ingredient.  Since it’s not, it’s more convenient to toss it into the sloppy, wide-mouth natural bucket.

While the debate over what is ‘all natural’ could be argued, (i.e., heating or processing minerals or plants changes the molecular structure, does that make it natural?), genetically modified foods (gmo’s), are hardly debatable.   Genetically modified is not  about cross-breading or cross-pollination, which we’ve been doing for thousands of years.  GMO’s are the result of combining genes (DNA) from two distinct organisms —  something that would not be possible naturally.  When we pull a gene from a jellyfish and make it part of a vegetable, it’s no longer of nature.

To save Hawaii’s papaya industry, rather than let nature takes its course, we decided to allow the papaya it to be genetically altered.  Most of the corn and soybeans in the U.S. (and distributed around the world) is genetically modified.  That means by-products of corn and soybean are genetically modified, like canola oil, soy bean oil, hfcs, corn starch, maltodextrin, etc. etc.  The number of foods using by-products of GMO corn and soybean is immense.

GMO foods are recent enough that it’s impossible to say whether they are harmful.  We’d need the results from independent long-term studies.  Anyone proclaiming one way or another whether GMO is healthy or not is giving an opinion, not stating fact.  What is fact is that GMO food is not all natural.  They’ve been rigged, by an intelligent form of nature.

It’s kind of late for a revolt against GMO foods, unless we make a concerted effort to grow our own or eat organic.  In the end, it may not matter so much.  We ingest lots of things that are not natural, vehicle exhaust, radiation, and acid rain.  All is not so natural, we just do our best living with it naturally.

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