April 13 pop out

It’s another day like the all the others throughout the year.  And a unique day like all the others.  Of the thousands who will be born today, some will go on to lead notable and impactful lives.

Winding the clock back about five hundred years, Catherine de’Medici was born this day, in 1519.  She ended up marrying King Henry II of France, gave him ten kids, and after his death, became Queen of France.  She had a significant impact on France in the 16th century and has been accused of starting a series of religious wars.  Perhaps that’s why my ancestors took leave from France shortly thereafter and headed to what was to be the USA.

And to help get the USA started, Thomas Jefferson popped out on this day in 1743.  As many know, he was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, one of the most brilliant documents ever written.  It was his conviction, along with the other founding fathers (as they are known), that men could govern themselves democratically and that governing and religious beliefs were and should be mutually exclusive.

TJ was the first Secretary of State, the third US President, spoke five languages, and in his spare time founded the University of Virginia and designed the mansion he lived in.   While president, he coordinated the Louisiana purchase from France, which more than doubled the size of the U.S.  He also sent Louis and Clark on an expedition to explore the West.  The guy was a doer of enormous proportions.

Another doer but more notorious was Butch Cassidy, also born on this day in 1866.  He became famous a little over a hundred years ago for robbing banks, trains, and starting a gang of bandits known as The Wild Bunch.  He was successful enough that after years of robbing, he fled the U.S. with his friend, the Sundance Kid, for South America, where he eventually died by from bullet to the gut.

April 13, is also the day DOD and DOM were married and exactly one year later to the day, I popped out.  I’m sure not putting myself in the same category as those in this post, except that we share a pop-out event on the same yearly day.

There are about 20 million living souls (give or take a few hundred thousand) born on this day.  So even though none of them will read this, this is a Happy Birthday wish for all who’ve popped out on April 13.

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