the meaning of life?

Ha Ha.  Right!  This blog will address what humanity has been seeking to define forever.  Religions have been built trying to answer that question yet this post will give it a shot?  Not on your life.

But maybe it’s worth the risk of flirting with the topic.

We all have two parents who will die. That we know.  Statistics say that the great majority of us will die at the end of our natural lives, (versus dying tragically).  As we trek through generations like rows of soldiers marching toward a cliff, we don’t think too much about the precipice because our vision is blocked.  By the time our parents die, we end up the vanguard.

At that point, if we are looking, it’s clear we are in march-step as the next generation to head off the cliff’s edge.  If it wasn’t before, the meaning of life flags us for worthy consideration.  If it does, we might find ourselves reflecting on a question like: If we slipped off the ledge tomorrow, would we go content and happy with the life we’ve lived?

Most of our lives are spent making sure we have more of something; money, love, approval, security.  In our day-to-day, those things have immediate meaning.  As we trudge, skip, slog, or strut along gathering what we’ve determined is meaningful, the answer to the ‘happy and content’ question could re-define meaning itself.

Let’s face it, life is complex.  But buried in the complexity are simple truths, like we all have the ability to determine, at any point in time, what we think and do.  If we were to ask ourselves whether we’ve been living happy and content lives, and the answer was a resounding ‘yes,’ because we consistently contribute more than we take, we are nice to our fellow humans, we do good work, we are productive, we conscientiously stimulate creative cerebral matter, and we regularly do what we know to be the right thing — then the answer to the meaning of life question just might not be that meaningful.

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