abnormal normal

If only I was getting used to it.  Waking up in the morning to a swollen face that wasn’t there when I went to sleep is just not that easy to swallow.  It was two weeks ago to the day.  Saturday evening after work I stopped for nightly takeout, watched a netflix video with the help of a vpn service, and was in bed by 10 pm.  The reflection in the mirror after splashing water on my face Sunday morning confirmed what I felt.  I’m fairly certain I wasn’t punched in the face.  It hadn’t been quite two months since my last operation.  The door was locked and there was no one else here.  Where did the beating come from?

The swelling has since subsided somewhat, not all.  As a precaution I’ve been popping antibiotics.  Such a royal PITA.  It’s not like I can go to any old medic and have them take a look.  What’s been done to my face and neck is not near normal.

So that my face wouldn’t feel so special and since I’m in the land where the practice began, last week I started a series of acupuncture treatments for the overly stiff neck.  My associate recommended a natural-healing hospital clinic.  It’s more like an always-busy processing plant.  After an initial consultation with the acupuncturist, with others standing around listening and staring as I was talking through a translator, she points to a bed, (luckily there was one in the dozen empty), where I lay down and she jams about ten needles in my neck, plugs in an electromagnetic pulse machine and hooks them into four of the needles, then walks away.  Thirty minutes later an assistant takes out (almost all) the needles and walks away.  That’s my queue the session is over.  (He overlooked the needle in my hand, but nothing I couldn’t manage on my own.)

as holistic as it gets

as holistic as it gets

The acupuncture specialists says I may not feel too much different after the treatments but it’s worth a try.  The first series is 10 sessions.  If that makes a difference, then 10 more.  I’m half way through the first set.  So far, nothing.  The choker chain is tighter than ever. But anything is worth a try.

It remains thrills a minute.  With an extreme stiff neck and a lopsided fat face, I remain giddy over the idea that the symptoms will calm down enough that I’ll be in a place of abnormal normalcy.

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