nip and tuck

If only it was a face lift.  I could use one.  But this nip and tuck was to fix one side of my face and neck left somewhat distorted by the ordeal of the fibula transplant.  At the same time, the surgeon cut out a cancerous legion on my scalp the size of a half-dollar, leaving me with more stitches on my head, face and neck than I bargained for.

On the positive side, all the muck should result in an improvement.  Still, it’s not without putting up with a load of discomfort.  The other positive was that this procedure was done the day after Christmas and at NYU Medical Center, which was significantly more efficient than the last hospital.

It kills me to write about procedures and hospitals.  I had always thought of myself as resilient, healthy and fit, conscious about what I ate and diligent about daily exercise.  The year this mess started I peddled more than 20 centuries, half of them more than 125 miles.  In one 24 hour period I rode 325 miles.  On alternate days when I wasn’t doing something aerobic, it was anaerobic resistance exercise.  I didn’t take (and still don’t) any medication whatsoever.  I thought of myself as being in great shape.  Hospitals, surgeries and procedures were inconceivable.

So for the last four years of nothing but hospitals, surgeries and procedures and writing about the results, even if for record-keeping, means that the resiliency was a figment.  I’ve always admired a certain amount of hardness, perhaps coming from what I saw in my father.  Yet all the stitching and repairing may have been pointing to a weakness. Nevertheless, I’m thankful to be writing this, and eternally grateful to all those inside the medical profession and out who have helped me along the way.

Although being in an induced coma with the nervous system disconnected is the only way to get sliced up, I’m hoping that I’m finished going under general anesthesia for a while.  Seven times in the last four years has been quite enough.  If I had thoughts before about a full nip & tuck, then the soreness I’m feeling now has erased that idea.