tidying up

Such a small word, tidy.  And for me not one I’d normally use.  I’ve always been neat and organized, or so I thought, but Marie Kondo, in her book the life-changing magic of tidying up, (the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing), has given much more weight to that little word.

Her writing style didn’t speak to me as much as the essence of what she said.  Never again will I have (even neat) piles of clothing, like tee shirts or jeans.  Clothes need to breathe, she says, which they can’t do if they are on the bottom of a pile.  My button-down shirts are no longer hung, rather folded and stacked side by side (a different kind of breathing).

The premise of what she advocates is to live only with those things that give you joy, and get rid of the rest.  Her philosophy, developed from a life-long study of tidying, from clothes, documents, photos, mementos, electronic wires, to kitchenware, while even occasionally speaking to your home and the things you own, are cause for serious reflection.

It’s tough for a guy to look at clothes and think of joy, nevertheless, the idea of shedding and re-grouping, coupled with the different style of folding and storing makes this book worth the quick read.