when in doubt, eat kimchi

It must be a simple life that, besides looking forward to coffee time, the daily highlight is dinner.  Not just eating, but deciding what to consume.  It’s the entire circadian anticipation process.  I live among a vast array of local food choices, so the day’s pinnacle is never much of a dilemma.

Most days after work I stop into one of the local Chinese restaurants in a self-created rotation near my apartment and order a few dishes “to go” where I then graze over the spread at home.  Not knowing how I’ll relish unknown dishes I’ve developed the bad habit of over-ordering, so there are options.  Problem is, if each dish is outstanding, which, fortunately or unfortunately, is often, the ample buffet puts me in chowhound territory.

It was a full pint of spicy kimchee, devoured in a matter of minutes

Doubt elimination — a full pint of spicy kimchee, devoured in a matter of minutes.

But one weekends, meaning Sundays, I mix things up, combining outsourced prep with some home cooking.  The options are equally bountiful, but without a firm decision it’s easy to slip into a decision pickle, or occasional doubt.  Luckily, I found a source for Korean Kimchi for those situations.

We all know that periodically eating fermented food (i.e., miso, yogurt, sauerkraut, and the weird stuff like tempeh, kefir, and kombucha) is a good option, as this type of live food harbors an abundance of good bacteria, probiotics and enzymes, beneficial for the digestive process and overall health.  Today was one of those days in doubt.  It must have been from a refrigerator magnet I had seen along the way:  When in doubt, eat kimchi.

Point of this post?  When in doubt, go fermented.  But caution: that could include beer and wine 🙂

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