difficult to be simple

That is the message blasting from the tee shirt I’m wearing today, compliments of Eataly.  Presumably, since they are mostly about Italian fresh food, they are referring to the fact that good, simple, many times organic, products or ingredients are not those made easy by mass producing.   It’s not easy, for example, to find fresh (wild) caught fish that has not been procured without killing lots of other marine life in the process.  Or meat from animals that have lived as natural a life as possible, or finding healthful produce grown using farming methods that don’t contaminate the water table.  I think their underlying message is it’s difficult to be simple and ideally wholesome.  Simple and ideal take a dash more effort and loving care than just plain old simple.IMG_8226

But then again, ideal has different meaning for each of us.  Simple may be having a fork and knife as your only kitchen utensils, and ideal may be having a gadget for every conceivable operation until kitchen drawers and countertops are overloaded with gizmos.  The same for clothes and hobbies — an item for every occasion — until our homes, lives, and heads are jammed with stuff.  We sometimes think simple then throw in ideal for every possible circumstance.  Except that things and circumstances easily and quickly become less simple, making the return to simplicity difficult.

I’ve traveled enough long-distance flights that my under-the-seat-in-front-of-you bag is always ready and packed with every possible item that I might need and may use only occasionally (writing pads, colored pens, food items, reading materials, headphone and charger wires, and on and on).  The bag has turned into a mess sack.  The funny thing is, the last two flights I didn’t go into the bag.  I’ve been telling myself do strip down the essentials, to be simple, but it’s difficult, or perhaps I just think it’s difficult, when it’s quite easy.

But I guess because we are complex beings there is no end to the amount of complexities we can conjure up.  Without realizing, we make things much less simple than they could be, and by doing so, we add a portion of muck to our lives — from food to stuff to thoughts.

Nope Eataly, it ain’t easy to be simple.  Thanks or the reminder though, that I’d be better off lighting a small fire under my ass more often to receive the rewards that simple has to offer.


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