you looked serious

That’s what my transpacific flight seatmate told me a couple of weeks ago.  She hesitated talking to me because of the poker-face I was sporting as we boarded.  She was surprised, she said, to hear that my speaking tone didn’t reflect what she imagined from my stony-face.

Hmm.  I thought.  How, after so many years, is seriousness plastered on my countenance? Has it been there all along?  If so, am I going to be able to change to one that actually reflects my lighthearted demeanor?  I don’t feel serious most of the time.  In fact, I feel fairly content, on the happy side, 99.99% of the time — seriously content.   836851

Regardless, I clearly had some work to do.  ‘Where was stern face coming from,’ I was thinking, reflecting on her honest comment well after the flight landed.  It must be the creases between my eyes.  Would having the creases removed make me appear less serious, more approachable?  Could I even seriously consider that?  Then again, the somber mask may just be keeping the riffraff from interrupting my jovial interior.

If I’m already filled with happy, how do I banish the solemn expression?  That question had been nagging me for days after the flight.  Then it struck me.  She viewed my facial expression pre-boarding.  I was in a bulkhead row. It’s preciously those times, that 00.01% of the time, when I’m concentrating on positioning my carry-on luggage in the overhead bin.  Having luggage stored behind you when everyone is moving forward in the deplaning process is not ideal.

perhaps a more neutral face, without a plastered smile, would be considered approachable

perhaps a more neutral face would increase approachability

So there it was, my face reflected the mission I was on.  I was concentrating, visualizing my carry-on stored securely above my seat.  She clearly mistook that for seriousness.

No need to remove the permanent creases between my eyes, (although they would certainly take off a load of years).  To eliminate that serious look, I’ll simply reduce or eliminate carry-on luggage. 🙂

In the event the carry-on is not the culprit, I may be better off earnestly focusing on a less serious face.

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