halfway point

It’s easy to know where or when that is on long, out-and-back bike rides.  You ride out 40, 50, or 60 miles, have a snack and a breather, firmly planted at the halfway mark, then ride back.  If you participate in a 10-mile run, when passing the 5-mile marker, your brain registers a ping having passed halfway.

When my NYC office was on 38th and Broadway, I walked from home on 22nd, near Broadway and in both directions the halfway ping would register every time I crossed 30th Street.

Everything has a beginning and an end, and by nature, a halfway point.  Sometimes the halfway isn’t where we think it is.  For most life affairs, we know where the beginning is, it’s the end that is fuzzy.  When we turn 40 or 50 years old, we call ourselves middle-age, knowing we’ve reached “about” the halfway point.  We have no real clue about the end.

About halfway point on my bicycle commute to work, a short arced bridge telling me I'm either now closer to the factory or closer to home

About halfway point on my bicycle commute to work, a short arched bridge telling me I’m either now closer to the factory or closer to home

If you’ve ever climbed a mountain for the first time, you may have reached what you thought was the halfway point, only to have a perspective shift – where that halfway point moves to a significantly different place.

The first time I heard the word hump day, normally uttered only on Wednesday, it was easy to deduce that the reference meant we were halfway through the work week.  Halfway through the midday meal on hump day indicated that the week’s work had officially started the downhill half.

There is nothing better or worse about being in the first half or the second half of a 15-hour flight.  But knowing the halfway point is a momentary diversion (from thinking too much).

Midnight sure does not feel like halfway through the night and reaching midday feels closer to one-third of the way throughout the day.  Still, we generally like to peg halfway points to events or occurrences that have a concrete beginning and end.

Is there any point to acknowledging the halfway point of anything?  It’s probably just silliness.  It’s only a progression measure, a fun point of recognition, the time-continuum dimension to whatever we are doing while passing from the beginning to end.

Where is your halfway point?  🙂

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