this is not a political post

At least one that is not politically one-sided.

This past week most people in the USA woke up Wednesday morning to a surprising presidential election result.  Not many expected DT would win.  As a result, the left-wing extremists were out in full-force.

March 2

5th Av @ 22nd Street — a constant flow for more than an hour

Yesterday thousands marched up 5th Avenue in New York chanting “not my president” or “we reject the president-elect,” among others things.  The same happened in other cities.

I would not have known about the march had I not had to cross 5th Ave a couple of times.  Listening to those who were shouting made me wonder whether they knew that they were rejecting the very constitution that gives them the right to march.  Many more thousands were inconvenienced for a couple of hours so that those thousands could invoke their freedom of speech.

We might not like who was elected, but that person was nevertheless elected by our democratic system.  Many on the other side felt the same when Mr. O was elected 4 and 8 years ago.

But alas, there is a heavy dose of heavily opinionated people when it comes to politics and religion.  Some feel the need to shout and carry signs and worse — even consider that those not of their view are the enemy.

Madison Sq Park heading up toward Trump Tower at 57th

Madison Sq Park heading up toward Trump Tower at 57th

Humans like drama.  We are attracted to it.  The more opinionated, the more drama.  Sure there are times when demonstrations and marches have moved political forces in a favorable direction for the majority.  Nevertheless, when we are marching against the result of a long, hard-fought democratic election, the sub-text of what is shouted is that “my perspective walls are rigid and I don’t have the capacity nor the tolerance to consider perspectives beyond those walls.”

Anyway, democracy is not the most ideal form of government, but it’s the best we have for now.  The US constitution is a structure and system most of its citizens are proud of.  Choosing to invoke rights under one part of the constitution while rejecting another part is not quite reasonable.

The US has elected to government movie actors, comedians, and military commanders.  We even elected a president without any experience at managing or leading anything or anyone.  Now we’ve elected a real-estate tycoon cum business man with, at times, an outlandish opinion and manner of speaking.  The establishment might do well with a little ruckus.

So life moves on and the world keeps turning.  And, I doubt the sky will fall.

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