Other People’s Money.  It’s what we are all after, one way or another.  Unless we are not seeking to build more wealth, which is less than 1% of the 1%, the money we need today or in the future, belongs to other people.

The 99.99% of us who either need or want (more) money, by default, seek it from other people.  And why not.  After all, it grows on trees.

The flip side of acquiring OPM is not very attractive unless we have no money.  Both socialism and communism are based on society or the state deciding how goods and wealth will be distributed.  Both those forms of governments heavily restrict how its citizens can attain OPM.  They were designed to be a sort of utopia, promoting cooperation instead of competition.  They ended up far from Shangri-La.

Most states have evolved to a form of capitalism as the preferred choice for exchanging goods and services for wealth (money).  As such, we are being enticed all the time by expert marketers dangling delicious looking advertisements, discounts, bargains, and beautiful looking people in our faces — hooks to bait us into opening our pockets to buy things we don’t need.  Over a short period of time, capitalism has grown a large pool of experts who have infiltrated every level of society with the singular purpose of acquiring OPM.  In fact, maximizing receipt of OPM is the basis of most business models.  Being able to access OPM is also the reason we have so many great products at our disposal.

The point of the post?  Every great advertisement or product you see was made by someone after our money.  Of course, we know that.  It just helps to consider the concept once in a while.

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