Question:  What is something each of us strives for in every action and thought?  Why it’s good business, of course.  Who wouldn’t want to do, or make, good business?  Good Business, or GB, is a form of success.

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-3-51-13-pmBut what does GB look like?  It may be the pursuit of profit, company or personal growth, or being able to pay the bills and meet overhead.  But GB is also how we interact with coworkers, family, friends, strangers, and even ourselves.  GB is how we manage our bodies, careers, relationships, and life in general.  GB is a never-ending set of transactions and negotiations.

images-1 All of us are in the GB business.  Or we better be, at least most of the time.  Whether we work for a large organization, with someone as a partner, self-employed, boss others, or don’t work, GB is what it’s all about — it’s our noble aim in every thought and undertaking.

The tricky thing about GB is that its benefits must have an all-encompassing effect. In other words, the tentacles of the transaction should not impart detrimental effects.  GB, therefore, is not always easy because we are, by nature, egocentric beings. We tend to evaluate our own net benefit before considering the whole.  Even when we do find the reciprocal advantage, we are limited by our scope to fully understand what the net effects are.unknown-1

Corporations manufacturing and selling heavily processed edibles and passing them off as food may generate GB for the company, employees, and shareholders, but detrimental business (DB) for the consumers.  Alienating others vis-a-vis an argument may feel like GB at the time, but DB usually wins.  If we imbibe in additive behavior, DB always comes out on top.

unknownIt must be the slow-learner in me that I continue to be dumbfounded by discovering how to better generate GB, in all aspects of life.  My perspective stretching capabilities still need lots of daily training.  The good news is that the GB learning process is open to constant amendment.

It doesn’t cost much to make GB as long as we are not myopically focused.   One indicator is our internal balance.  We don’t need a crystal ball, just a healthy dose of sensitivity.  If for example, we are easily upset, frustrated, or pissed off, chances are we are not making GB with something we are doing. images

Iʼve recently listened to a couple of self-help business books wherein the authors outlined step-by-step laser focused action plans for personal success, including burning the midnight oil and decrying the wasting of time or energy.  While they made a few good points, they were riddled with laser myopia — making GB in one area, while affecting the quality of GB, possibly delivering DB, in another.

The point?  Everything we do and think is a transaction.  We’d do ourselves a favor by more often and actively considering GB as a goal rather than a chanced by-product.

Note to self:  Please remember this.

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